• Longhorns Compass Ambassadors
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    2020 Compass Ambassadors

     Click here for a list of the 2020 Compass Ambassadors!

    Updated Compass Constitution:
    Compass Overview: 
    As an ambassador, you are expected to represent Lambert in the best manner at all events. Being a Compass Ambassador involves attending meetings, participating in events, acting as a student leader, fulfilling yearly credit requirements and representing Lambert High School well. 
    The reason that a compass is the symbol for Lambert’s student ambassador program is that we believe that just as North, South, East, and West guide us in a literal sense, Notice, Showcase, Empower and Weigh-In guide us to effective leadership. These are the four virtues of a Compass Ambassador at Lambert High School.
    Compass Meeting Times: (tentative schedule)
    These will typically be held on Tuesdays in the Auditorium.  Communication will be sent through Group Me.
    Ambassador Events: 
    All 2020 Compass Members are required to meet the 8 credit hour minimum. Please regularly check the Group Me and sign up for events using the Google Docs sent out by Managing Members.
    Managing Members:
    Sophomore Managing Members: Kundhavi Tiruchinapalli
    Junior Managing Members: Joshua Kim, Joel Lee, & Apoorva Palled
    Senior Managing Members: Josh Rapp & Odessa Stoezal
    Ambassador of the Month:
    August (2016): Ally Jones 
    September (2016): Maggie Walker 
    November (2016): Chris Johnson
    December (2016): Jessie Bowman 
    January (2017): Tanner Booth
    February (2017): Elizabeth Lansden
    March (2017): Abbey Darwin
    April (2017): Kara Holmberg
    May (2017): Emma Carmody
    August (2017): Colton Johnson
    Sepetmber (2017): Fernanda Flores 
    November (2017): Lian Leduc
    December (2017): Kate Winters
    January (2018): Kennedy Brown
    February (2018): Maddie Jones
    March (2018): Joel Lee
    April (2018): Lily Beranek
    May (2018): Shawn Dua
    August (2018): Kasey Park
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