• Longhorns Compass Ambassadors
    Sponsors:  Chelsey Bucherati, Travis Church, Stephany Tighe, Tom Bass
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    2020 Compass Ambassador Application
    The deadline to apply as a Compass Ambassador for the 2020 school year is Friday, December 6th. No late applications will be accepted. Please make sure the packet (linked below) is completed in its entirety and turned into the bin located in Ms. Tighe’s room (1961). Please also make sure your recommending teacher understands that in order for the application to be complete the teacher recommendation form must also be turned in by December 6th. If you have any questions about the application process, please feel free to contact any of our advisors or managing members. Any current freshman, sophomore, or junior is welcome to apply.
    Please look over our updated Compass Constitution before applying:
    Compass Overview: 
    As an ambassador, you are expected to represent Lambert in the best manner at all events. Being a Compass Ambassador involves attending meetings, participating in events, acting as a student leader, fulfilling yearly credit requirements and representing Lambert High School well. 
    The reason that a compass is the symbol for Lambert’s student ambassador program is that we believe that just as North, South, East, and West guide us in a literal sense, Notice, Showcase, Empower and Weigh-In guide us to effective leadership. These are the four virtues of a Compass Ambassador at Lambert High School.
    Compass Meeting Times: (tentative schedule)
    These will typically be held on Tuesdays in the Auditorium.  Communication will be sent through Group Me.
    Ambassador Events: 
    All 2020 Compass Members are required to meet the 8 credit hour minimum. Please regularly check the Group Me and sign up for events using the Google Docs sent out by Managing Members.
    Managing Members:
    Sophomore Managing Members: Kundhavi Tiruchinapalli
    Junior Managing Members: Joshua Kim, Joel Lee, & Apoorva Palled
    Senior Managing Members: Josh Rapp & Odessa Stoezal
    Ambassador of the Month:
    August (2016): Ally Jones 
    September (2016): Maggie Walker 
    November (2016): Chris Johnson
    December (2016): Jessie Bowman 
    January (2017): Tanner Booth
    February (2017): Elizabeth Lansden
    March (2017): Abbey Darwin
    April (2017): Kara Holmberg
    May (2017): Emma Carmody
    August (2017): Colton Johnson
    Sepetmber (2017): Fernanda Flores 
    November (2017): Lian Leduc
    December (2017): Kate Winters
    January (2018): Kennedy Brown
    February (2018): Maddie Jones
    March (2018): Joel Lee
    April (2018): Lily Beranek
    May (2018): Shawn Dua
    August (2018): Kasey Park
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