• Excused Absences

    The following reasons will be approved as an excused absence:

    1. Personal illness or attendance in school that endangers a student's health or the health of others.

    2. A serious illness or death in a student's immediate family.

    3. A court order or an order by a governmental agency mandating absence from school.

    4. The observance of religious holidays.

    5. A scheduled medical, dental or eye examination of the student.

    The student's parent or guardian must submit a written notice stating the specific date(s) and reason(s) for a student's absence from school within five (5) school days after the student returns to school. An absence for which a written notice is not received or received past the five day time limit will be considered an unexcused absence.


    Unexcused Absences

    A student's absence from school or class for any reason other than those listed above will be considered an unexcused absence.


    Check-in / Check-out

    If a student arrives at South Forsyth Middle School after 9:00 am, then the student will be considered to be a late check - in.

    If a student leaves South Forsyth Middle School prior to dismissal, 4:15 pm, then the student will be considered to be an early check-out.

    Student check-ins and check-outs are considered excused if it is for one of the reasons listed in the excused absence section.


    For more information on FCS' attendance policies, please go to the board policy page