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    Club Sponsor: 
    Coach Ferrer

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    Club Overview: 

    Change 4 Georgia (C4G) is a 501c3 student-led organization with a mission to inspire, connect, and foster the human spirit in young people by offering leadership and service opportunities in order to better the world we live in. C4G’s purpose is to work together to empower students toward the goal of becoming leaders and contributing members of society by providing them with opportunities to serve others in a convenient and efficient manner.  Our vision is to realize the full potential of young people and deepen their commitment to pro-social values. We have 5 core “areas” of service: Literacy, Senior Citizens, Environment, Military, and Caring 4 Kids. C4G’s core values are based on an IDEA:

     I = Intently inspire youth to become involved;

    D = Diligently demonstrate patriotism;

     E = Effectively encourage a positive lifestyle; and

     A = Actively Assist others in need.


    Club Meeting Times:

    First Thursday of every month at 7:45 a.m., in Room 1142 unless it is being used that week. In that situation, we will get a message out with the room we will be meeting in that week.


    Everyone is welcome on our Team! No commitments – do what you want, when you can!

    Club Activities or Events:
    Stay Updated: Follow C4G on Twitter and Facebook at change4georgia; and on Instagram at LHS_C4G and C.4.G. 
    Visit: http://change4georgia.org 
    Club Officers or Members:

    Club President: Remington Youngblood

    Vice President: Dugan Walker

     C4G Junior Executive Board: Remington Youngblood, Dugan Walker, Lian Leduc, Avery Unverzagt, Madison Powers, Darby Walser, Royce Dickerson, Maggie Walker, Amanda Godwin and Graceylyn Mayfield.

Last Modified on August 2, 2016