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    Permission to Participate

    Soccer Parents,


    The Soccer Club will begin on Tuesday 02/25/2020 and meet regularly on Tuesdays and Thursdays (depending on the number of students signed up).  Tuesdays (and Thursdays will be our designated days to meet unless otherwise specified.  We hope to be able to play through April weather permitting.  Club times last from 4:30 to 5:30. Parent pick-up will be promptly at 5:30 beside the gym entrance. Please make sure you are on time!

              Students who are participating in Soccer Club are expected to follow all school rules!  Those who choose to misbehave will be asked to leave and/or written up for disciplinary referral depending on the infraction. 

              Students may wear cleats and shin guards if they currently have them, but are NOT required to buy them although it is highly recommended to wear shin guards for protection and safety.  Students will not be allowed to play without a permission form. Please leave your name and contact number below for emergency information.

              I am looking forward to sponsoring the Soccer Club again this year! This will be the club’s ninth season at LMMS.  Please contact me if you have any suggestions, concerns, or if you would like to help out.

    Text Box: Remember to Bring….
•	tennis shoes or cleats, 
•	a t-shirt/sweat shirt and shorts or sweat pants,
•	PE clothes.
•	Shin guards (if you do not have any, you can find them for an inexpensive price.)
                                                                                       April Davila                                        

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