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    This year at South Forsyth High School, we are all making an intentional effort to help students engage with text as much and as often as possible. To ensure students are reading, it is important to give reading a purpose. Below are some documents you can print and give to students in conjuction with articles or any text they are reading. 

    The link below takes you to the Daily Quote and Challenge read as part of the announcements each morning. This is a great resource to use if students finish the planned activity earlier than anticipated. You can click ahead or to the previous day to get different quotes. Having students participate in a timed writing or utilizing a reading or writing strategy below would be great use of any extra time. 

     Believe in You


    Reading Strategies  - Each of the links below are word document files. You can alter these to fit any text students are reading. 

    Hold Your Thinking


    Annotated Symbols


    Establish a Purpose




    Writing Strategies: Below are some writing activities you can have students complete.

    Three writing ideas


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  • Articles

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    The below websites are great resources to pull non-fiction current texts students can read if time allows. You can search and find articles that align to what students are studying thematically or based on current events. If needed, you can pull up on the white board or print one copy and give to groups of students. Pair with the reading strategies (found under Literacy Activities) or writing strategies provided. 


    http://newsela.com - Newsela - these areticles are based on lexile level and each article usually has 3 to 4 different levels regarding reading complexity. Each article comes with questions you can give students to see what they understood.


    http://tweentribune.com/ - TweenTribune by Smithsonian - these articles are similar to Newsela except they are usually shorter, broken into three levels and with three question quizzes at the end. 



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  • Substitute Survival: Tools You Can Use

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    http://www.educationworld.com/a_curr/curr260.shtml - Link to Education World online publication. Site has loads of tips and suggestions for substitutes. 


    http://712educators.about.com/od/substituteteacher/tp/Classroom-Management-Tips-For-Substitute-Teachers.htm - Classroom Management tips.


    http://teaching.monster.com/education/articles/8539-10-vital-tips-from-a-substitute-teacher - website with tips from a substitute teacher.

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