2020 Hoops for Heart

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     3v3 Basketball Tournament
    Thursday, February 13th 

    Otwell Middle School is joining the fight against heart disease and stroke by hosting our annual Hoops for Heart event to raise money for the American Heart Association!  

    Details and Information:

    1. Students will form basketball teams of 4 players (to have 1 substitute) from your grade level to compete against other student teams.  No replacement players allowed.

    2.  In order to register a team you must fill out the form found HERE and gather donations for the American Heart Association.  To enter the tournament your team must donate a minimum of $40 to the American Heart Association.  However, there is an incentive for the more money you donate.  
    3.  For every $100 raised above the minimum amount, your team gets 1 extra point given during every game up to the semi-final round (Final 4).
    4.  Your team registration (completed form and donation) are due to a PE Coach by noon on Wednesday, February 12th.
    5.  The top fundraising team out of the entire school will win 4 pairs of Nike iD PG 3's (no matter how they finish in the tournament).  
    6.  It will be a double elimination tournament with the winning team taking home an American Heart Challenge prize pack.
    7.  If you are not entering a team, students can donate $3 at the door of the event and will be able to come to the gym to watch the games and have a chance to win raffle prizes.  You can also buy additional raffle tickets for $1 each for a better chance to win raffle prizes.  AND there’s more… during the Hoops for Heart time there will be a “Half Court Shoot Out” where the students that are in the gym can donate $1 per shot for a chance to win a REAL Otwell Bulldog basketball uniform!  
    8.  If you choose to not attend or participate in the event, you will go to a classroom and do an alternate activity. 

    Last year OMS raised $7118.80!  

    Our goal is to donate $10,000 and create a new school record!

    Rules and Regulations:

    1.  3 players on the court at all times.  May sub at any stoppage.  Teams may create/wear matching jerseys.
    2.  Made baskets are worth 1 point inside the key.  Outside the key worth 2 points.  From the Bulldog head 5 points.
    3.  Games will be played on half court, 1 basket.  At every change of possession the ball must be taken back outside the 3 point line before shot can be attempted.  
    4.  All fouls (shooting or non-shooting) will result in re-starting possession.  Every possession starts outside the key.
    5.  Jump balls will go to the defensive team.
    6.  If basket is made, the opposing team gets possession of the ball and restarts at the top of the key. (NOT make it, take it)
    7.  No time-outs allowed.
    8.  Games will be played for a specified amount of time, running clock.  If tie occurs at the end of time, teams will participate in a free throw shootout.  Teams will play 1 game of rock, paper, scissors to determine who shoots first.  The shootout will be conducted in a one-for-one manner.  For as many rounds as the shootout takes, the shooters must rotate throughout their roster.
    9.  Brackets will be created at random. 
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