• Robotics at WFHS

    Robotics at West includes two competitive programs.  VEX and FRC.  VEX is offered at all grade levels, and builds smaller robots that fit in an 18 inch x 18 x 18 box.  FRC robots are much larger and quite a bit more powerful.  Typical students on the FRC Team are sophomores or older.


    VEX Robotics This club for West students is part of the Forsyth Robotics Alliance.  It provides students with a technical learning experience and can make the learning process an absolute BLAST!  

    The club will build students' understanding of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, along with helping them to learn to organize themselves better. 

    Students in the competitive club typically spend about 4 to 8 hours a week, sometimes more on their bots, with most of the hours being flexible hours. 

    Competitions are a flurry of activity, with volunteer hours from technical professionals from the community, teachers and club sponsors from across the area,  as well as students from other clubs in the host school that are necessary to make them happen.  It takes a minimum of 15 volunteers to make it possible for even the smallest of these tournaments  happen. therefore family involvement is also needed to help keep the activities going and organized; however, the work on the robots is done by the students.

    VEX is a competitive Robotics club for all West Students. Students in the club are also included in the schools Technical Student Association. VEX is a year-long, very involved club. Any questions please contact

    Mr. Biskup, dbiskup@forsyth.k12.ga.us  

    Mr. Neuhaus, jneuhaus@forsyth.k12.ga.us

    For example, several local competitions were held during the school year.  West students participated in most of them.
    Part of making VEX special for the teams is hosting an event.  Students develop their skills at hosting and hosting forces the teams to be a bit more organized in order to compete as well.


    The following is an example clip from a previous seasons tournament. 

    At its ultimate...  VEX Worlds...  What is it and why is it such a valuable experience for a student! 

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