• Child Lures® Prevention: Think First and Stay Safe


    Dear Parents/Guardians,


    We all share a common goal for our children to be safe and protected from all things harmful.  Related to that goal, school counselors are required to present annual personal safety lessons designed to prevent sexual abuse.  The Think First & Stay Safe™ program is a research-based program that teaches specific personal safety education by way of interactive classroom lessons, classroom posters, role playing and corresponding activities.   Think First & Stay Safe™ enables students to take an active and necessary role in protecting themselves from abuse and exploitation. A committee of professional school counselors reviewed the program and selected components that were developmentally appropriate for elementary students and developed lessons around those concepts.


    Students are introduced to Think First & Stay Safe™ with the assurance that it is the job of grown-ups to help kids stay healthy and safe. In addition, our young learners are taught they already possess a powerful tool that can also help with safety- their brain. Students are taught the importance of kindness and respect. They will learn to recognize sunny vs. “stormy” behaviors, talk about safe vs. not safe touching and choose grown-ups who can help them with their safety.

    If you would like to preview the information that will be shared during the lesson, please visit Parent Training Modules | Child Lures® Prevention (childluresprevention.com)  the password is 4par3nts .  School counselors will offer abuse prevention and safety lessons to all K-5 students. These lessons will begin in October 2022.

    You can learn more about the detailed lesson plans and research behind this program at www.childluresprevention.com

     Please be aware that more information is provided on the website than is actually used in Forsyth County Schools. The plan for Forsyth includes: the key concepts taught at all grade levels; each grade reviews what was learned in the previous grade(s) and then learns additional lures or tricks.  Specifics are provided below:

    Grade Level:                                                  Key Concepts:


    My Brain, Kindness, Trusted Adults, Lures, My Body Belongs to Me, Laws Help Protect Me, All Secrets Can Be Told, The Siren in My Belly, I Am Special, Abuse is Never A Child’s Fault


    My Brain, Kindness and Respect, Trusted Adults, My Body Belongs to Me, Laws Help Protect Me, All Secrets Can Be Told, The Siren in My Belly, Bullying and Abuse are Not a Child’s Fault


    Review of previous Key Concepts plus: Safe and Healthy Boundaries, Affection Lure, Kindness, Promoting Tolerance, Bullying Prevention, Assistance Lure, Pet Lure, Authority Lure


    Review of previous Key Concepts plus: Emergency Lure, Games Lure, Name Lure, Friendship Lure, Threats & Weapons Lure, e-Lure


    Review of previous Key Concepts plus: Affection Lure, Bullying, Cyberbullying, Harassment, Bribery Lure, Ego/Fame Lure, Hero Lure