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    Boys Basketball 


    Coach Coby Rosson - 7th Grade               Coach Joseph Clack - 8th Grade

    Crosson2@forsyth.k12.ga.us                        Joclack@forsyth.k12.ga.us

    770-667-2591 ext. 491289                          770-667-2591 ext. 491278


    Thank you to everyone who came to tryouts. We saw a lot of great talent, but unfortunately, we cannot keep everyone. To those who didn’t make the cut this time, we encourage you to keep playing and practicing. 


    We would like to congratulate the following boys on making the 2020-2021 DeSana Basketball Team

    7th Grade Team

    8th Grade Team

    Ahmed S.

    Seth H.

    Amari M.

    Greg H.

    Audric H.

    Jack B.

    Bernard W.

    Nick C.

    Calen W.

    Zion B.

    Joel N.

    Joel A.

    Michael B.

    Dylan B.

    Ryan D.

    Christian T.

    Bryan D.

    Houston D.

    Jackson W.

    Landon D.


    * * * *    Important Parent Notes    * * * *


          *Our first practice will be Monday 11/2 at 7am.

          *Please fill out and return the form that was given to you during tryouts to your coach Monday morning.

          *Our Parent meeting will be Monday Nov. 2nd at 6pm in the cafeteria.

                 -If you are unable to attend, please reach out to your coach for a link to the virtual meeting. 


    2020-2021 CALENDAR of EVENTS

    20-21 Basketball Calendar


    2020-2021 GAME SCHEDULE: 







     DeSana Boys' Basketball is proud to be sponsored by - 

    Children's Healthcare of Forsyth  


     *To participate in any of the above activities, athletes must have a current and updated physical on file with DeSana. 

    You can find the required forms on our Athletics Department homepage.**


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