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    See below for the 2024 Season Schedule:

    2024 Season Schedule



    All students trying out for any sports at the middle or high school levels must have a current physical on file with that school.  The following forms need to be filled out by a doctor and uploaded to DragonFly:

    DragonFly Instructions


    Students interested in trying out for the team must:

    -have their own clubs, supply their own balls and tees, and any optional items they will be using

    -have knowledge and understanding of the rules, regulations, and etiquette of the game

    -have transportation to practices and matches (2-3x/week)

    -have passed 5 of 7 classes as of the end of the 1st semester in December to be eligible

    Refer to the front page of this 'DeSana Athletics' website for the link to the physical requirements and link to DragonFly.

    Students who would like to try out must have prior experience playing on a golf course, have their own clubs and equipment, and transportation to practices and matches.  More information will be given at the meeting.

    Participation and competing on the golf team prerequisites include having a knowledge of the rules and etiquette, owning their set of clubs and golf balls, and having experience on the range/green/course.

    Coach contact: 

    Peyton Rich