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Maintaining the FCHS Media Center Collection

  • Keeping a media center collection current is an on-going task for media center staff.

    1. Considerations to determine if a title is a candidate for weeding 
      1. What do members of the media committee recommend?
      2. Is the book's content outdated?
      3. How many times has the book circulated?
      4. Has the book circulated within the last 5 years?
      5. Has a newer edition been released?
      6. Is the book an additional copy that is no longer needed?
      7. Is the book available in a multi-user ebook?
      8. Is the book damaged beyond repair?
    2. Considerations for making book purchases
      1. Is the book on recommended lists by ALA, AASL, or YALSA?
      2. Is the title an addition to a current series?
      3. Has the title been requested by a staff member or student?
      4. Does the media committee recommend the purchase?
      5. What do professional reviewers recommend?