Welcome to Brandywine's Counseling Department 


    "The mission of the Brandywine Elementary Counseling Program is to promote educational performance, providing all students with the opportunities to acquire the academic, career, and social/emotional competencies necessary to achieve quality learning and life-long success while recognizing and supporting their individuality as learners and as people."

    Meet Our School Counselor

     Rotunda & Brandy
    My name is Jennifer Rotunda, and this is my 3rd year being the school counselor at Brandywine.  I earned my Master's degree in Professional Counseling from Georgia State University, and I am a certified Professional School Counselor in the state of Georgia.  Prior to becoming a school counselor, I was a family therapist in the community. My husband, 2 children & I have lived in Forsyth county for the past 10 years, and we love it!
    I believe that every child has the ability to achieve their goals and dreams, and it is such a privilege to have the opportunity to love, support and encourage them through their journey in elementary school. My desire as a school counselor is to work together with our families and community to ensure the success of each of our students.  
    If you have any questions regarding our counseling program or if you need assistance, please feel free to call me at 770-667-2585 ext. 480323 or you can reach me by e-mail at jrotunda@forsyth.k12.ga.us.  In addition, you can complete a confidential online referral form if you'd like for me to speak with your child.
    What is a School Counselor?

    *A certified, specially trained professional educator  

    *A special friend when a child needs someone to listen  

    *A caring person who provides help and guidance to teachers, parents, students, and administrators  

    *Someone who counsels with students both individually and in groups 

    *Someone who goes into the classrooms to educate students on skills and standards according to the American School Counselor Association's Standards and Practices 

    What is the role of a School Counselor?
    *Conduct a comprehensive and developmentally appropriate guidance and counseling program
    *Conduct staff development for faculty
    *Utilize referral services and community resources
    *Conduct parent & teacher conferences
    *Provide guidance lessons to each class regarding Academic, Career, Social/Emotional and Personal Safety topics
    *Work with identified groups of children with specific needs
    *Provide individual counseling to students struggling with adacemic difficulty
    *Help students set positive goals, practice responsibility and improve academic success.
    *Help provide support during a crisis.
    A child may see the counselor for:
    *Review and discussion of academic needs
     *Any problems that they may have that are impacting academic performance
    *Divorce or changing family issues to minimize negative academic impact
    *A loss of a family member or close friend
    *Significant individual or family crisis
    *Decision making or problem solving skills
    *Improvement and aid in the development of positive self-esteem
    *Developing and increasing social and organizational skills as it relates to academic performance