Recently moved or add an address due to Joint Custody?

  • If you have recently moved into the Shiloh Point school district it is important you know that in order to ride the bus from your home bus stop you need to have...

    1)  Taken physical residence in your new home,


    2)  Completed all proofs of residency paperwork.

     If you have recently moved to a different address within Shiloh Point's school district we can only deliver your student to the address listed in Infinite Campus.  Please complete a change of address form and submitted the required proofs of residency. 

     "Proof of residency" that must be submitted, includes

    • A deed, property tax statement, mortgage statement or settlement statement or lease/rental agreement signed by the owner of the property,


    • A current (within 60 days) utility statement -- gas, electric, water, residential telephone, and cable are acceptable.

     To submit an address change please contact the Almon Hill Center on Elm Street in Cumming, Georgia or to your school.

    You will also visit the Almon Hill Center to add a secondary address due to a joint custody situation.  In addition to changing your address (above), a copy of the judge signed custody documents showing physical custody needs to be submitted at the Almon Hill Center.  The following link takes you to Transportations Parent Forms; the Joint Custody form to request a school bus stop at both address is also required.  Both addresses must be within the Shiloh Point Elementary school district.

     Student Transportation Request for Multiple Stops (Joint Custody)