• Big Creek Elementary ESOL Program
    The ESOL Program is a standards-based curriculum emphasizing social and academic language proficiency. The curriculum is based on the integration of the WIDA Consortium English Language Proficiency Standards with the Georgia Performance Standards. 
    *This information was obtained from the Georgia Department of Education website.  To find further information please visit 
    Students are given the WAPT assessment when they register at the Hill Center.
       Language acquisition develops through stages in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. We have students at all stages and levels at Big Creek Elementary. Students receive instruction primarily through the pull out model, a few students are served through inclusion. 

       Students are assessed yearly, in January, with the ACCESS test. The results are received in May and are used to determine the level and type of assistance needed by each student. We are very proud of our ESOL students! They contribute to the uniqueness of Big Creek Elementary!