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    Each year in Forsyth County, several thousand high school juniors and seniors participate in community-led mock interviews through their third-year career pathway course or through their participation in Work-Based Learning and Honors Mentorship. A mock interview provides students with a professional one-on-one opportunity to practice their interviewing and resume writing skills with a member of the business community. The experience also allows students immediate verbal and written feedback from the business community regarding their interview performance, resume, and professional dress. Thanks to support from the Cumming-Forsyth County Chamber of Commerce, the Rotary Clubs of Forsyth County, and other business/industry/community volunteers, all seven high schools participate in this meaningful experience. 
    Interested in volunteering? Our students are looking forward to this opportunity as they experience how to search, prepare, and apply for a job. We are searching for interviewers from the business community and would appreciate any help you can give us in finding qualified interviewers. Interviewers do not have to have interviewing experience, as we will make sure they are supported and have a script to follow.  

    2018-19 Volunteer Evaluation Survey

    Denmark HS Sign-Up - Coming Soon!
    Forsyth Central HS Sign-Up - Coming Soon!
    Lambert HS - Coming Soon!
    North Forsyth HS - Coming Soon!
    South Forsyth HS - Coming Soon!
    West Forsyth HS - Coming Soon!
    If possible, we are asking that interviewers stay all day for one or more days.  There are openings for half-day slots if they are unable to interview for an entire day. The interview for each student will be 15-20 minutes in length and tailored to a specific industry or sample job posting. Additionally, any employer ready to hire students may use this opportunity to actually conduct "live" interviews.
    For additional questions or suggestions, contact Valery Lowe at 770-887-2461!