FCS College & Career Development/CTAE seeks to provide an on-going partnership between education and business/industry to prepare the students of Forsyth County with the skills necessary to meet world-class standards, successfully continue life-long learning, and enter the marketplace as productive citizens. Career pathways provide "seamless" instruction in career and technical education that connects academic and technical skills to future educational and career opportunities. Options within the program offer curriculum and instruction linked to industry standards in labs featuring the latest technology and equipment replicating simulated work environments. Successful completion of a career pathway also allows students to industry credentialing required in today's job market.
    Career and technical education opportunities integrate with all of the secondary courses of study through various career pathways offered at middle and high schools, along with internship and job shadowing opportunities at the high school level. The commitment to complete a career pathway is never binding and can always be changed. The goal is not to require high school students to choose a major course of study as a college student would, but to begin to think, to study, to plan, and to set goals for the future and the career that awaits. It also allows students to:
    • blend rigorous academic/technical preparation
    • discover their interests and passions, empowering them to choose the educational pathway that will lead to success in high school, college and career
    • utilize career development services
    • experience all aspects of a business or industry
    • plan for transitions into post-secondary opportunities

     After graduating high school, students continue post-secondary education at specialty schools, technical colleges, community colleges, and major universities across the country. In addition, several of the career pathways are articulated for college credit. While pursuing additional education, students may use Hope and State Aid Programs (which includes both the Zell Miller Scholarships and Zell Miller Grants), Federal Aid, and other scholarship opportunities posted on high school counseling websites. 

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