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    Mentorship Forsyth Postcard  
    Mentorship Forsyth gives motivated, mature students a job shadowing experience designed around the individual student’s interest in a specific field or career. Participants will engage with a community mentor and will work with that mentor for the duration of the school year. Mentorships are non-paid experiences in the community. Students are allowed to leave the school campus to job shadow in local businesses and organizations, earning course credit for the experience.
    Why should I be part of Mentorship Forsyth?
    • Being a part of this is a great addition to your college applications.
    • This internship program will introduce you to career skills in the field
    • This program will help you to differentiate yourself when applying for college and future jobs.
    • This program will help you determine if this is the field you want to continue, as well as, develop contacts for future job opportunities.
    Who can apply?
    Students at least 16 years of age (with reliable transportation) who desire a challenging, enriching, and career-based internship opportunity to apply. Students MUST be highly motivated and mature to be accepted into the program. Students must also be able to provide their own transportation to the worksite of his/her assigned mentor.
    What is the application process? 
    After completing an application located within the counseling office at each high school, students are selected into the program based on their abilities, aptitudes, and career goals.  Students submit transcripts of grades and records, recommendation forms, endorsements, and other pertinent information. Career Development Coordinators will use all written evidence and data gathered in the application.
    What will I do in the Mentorship Forsyth Program, and how will I be graded?
    Students spend part of their instructional time with the Career Development Coordinators in an online environment working on career-related research, as well as monthly meetings on campus. Once matched with a community mentors, students meet at the work site of the mentor on a pre-determined schedule based on the needs of both the student and mentor. 
    Do I actually come to class each day?
    No. You will have monthly face-to-face meeting with your Career Development Coordinator; however, all other coursework and research will happen through a virtual environment within itslearning. 
    What fields/careers are offered in the Mentorship Forsyth Program?
    Forsyth County Schools offers any type of career fields. As long as the student and Career Development Coordinator can secure a community mentor, the possibilities are endless! 
    Who should I contact for more information?
    Contact your schools counseling office, Career Development Coordinator, or email Valery Lowe at vlowe@forsyth.k12.ga.us!