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    Grades K-12 World Language Content Specialist 

    Michaela Claus-Nix 

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    Dual Language Immersion (DLI) Programs at Brandywine, Cumming, Kelly Mill, and Mashburn Elementary Schools




    Why World Languages?

    Students that want to be competitive in a global workforce will need to possess a new set of skills. Understanding international perspectives, developing regional expertise and cross-cultural competence as well as advanced language proficiency are no longer skills reserved only for those who plan for a career overseas - they are skills that will enhance any career choice in Forsyth County, Georgia and the United States. World Languages support the nurturing of successful students that are comfortable in working in diverse international teams that can interact effectively with people from different cultures and communicate in at least two languages.

    Why Study Languages?

    Why Study ASL?

    Why Study French?

    Why Study German?

    Why Study Latin?

    Why Study Russian?

    Why Study Spanish?


    Georgia Performance Standards


    World Language Pathway and Seals Information 

    World Languages Course Sequence






    Spanish Native Speakers





    Level 1

    Native Speakers 1


    Level 1

    Level 1

    Level 1

    Level 2

    Native Speakers 2


    Level 2 or

    Level 2/3 Block

    Level 2

    Level 2

    Level 3 or

    Level ¾ Block

    Native Speakers 3


    Level 3/

    Level 4

    Level 3

    Level 3

    Level 4/

    AP Language & Culture/

    Level 5/

    IB Year 1 (SFHS only)

    Workplace Spanish (FCHS only)

    AP Language & Culture/

    IB Year 1 (SFHS only)

    Workplace Spanish (FCHS only)


    Level 4/

    AP French Language & Culture/ AP German Language & Culture


    Level 4/

    AP Latin Vergil/

    IB Latin SL/HL (SFHS only)

    Level 5

    AP Literature/

    IB Year 2 (SFHS only)

    Advanced Workplace Spanish (FCHS only)

    AP Literature

    IB Year 2 (SFHS only)

    Advanced Workplace Spanish (FCHS only)

    Note: All classes may not be offered at all Forsyth County high schools.


    World Languages Offered at FCS High Schools:

    Alliance Academy for Innovation: German, Spanish

    Denmark High School: French, Spanish

    East Forsyth High School: ASL, French, Latin, Spanish

    Forsyth Central High School: ASL, French, German, Spanish

    Lambert High School: French, Latin, Spanish

    North Forsyth High School: French, Russian, Spanish

    South Forsyth High School: French, German, Latin, Spanish

    West Forsyth High School: French, Latin, Spanish



    For more information on the World Languages curriculum or Dual Language Immersion please contact:


    Michaela Claus-Nix
    770-887-2461 ext. 202249