• We serve breakfast and lunch every day. Breakfast starts approx. 7:10am and lasts until 7:35am. Lunch times vary. You should check with your child’s teacher for specific lunch times.

    Breakfast is $1.60 daily and lunch is $2.70 daily. Reduced price is .30 cents for breakfast and .40 cents for lunch.

    Microwaves and can openers are not available for student use. Please do not send in any food items that require heating or opening with a can opener.

    We do allow meal charges up to $12.50 per student or $3.50 per reduced price student.

    If your child reaches their maximum charge they will be offered a courtesy meal that would include: for breakfast a bowl of cereal and a milk or for lunch a cheese sandwich and a milk.

    For the students birthday/celerabration parties we provide several items you can purchase thru the cafeteria.  Please fill out the form and send in to the teacher. Celebration Order Form File

    I make every effort to reach out to parents when I realize that a student’s balance is getting low or negative. You can always check on your child’s account to make sure that they are current. Even if you don’t pay online, you can set up an account on www.mypaymentsplus.com and you will be notified when your child’s account is getting low. You can also view purchase history as well. You can always reach me at 770-667-2585x 480164 or via e-mail for balance information. npayne@forsyth.k12.ga.us. Text your child’s name, grade and “account balance” to 770-616-2132. Text is available M-F from 6am-2pm

    The cafeteria does sell ala carte items. Please see the ala carte list for prices.

    If you do not want your child purchasing ala carte items, a written note must be on file. You can send in a hand written note or an e-mail. A block will be placed on your child’s account and only meal purchases will be allowed.