• Longhorns Computer Science Club
    Club Sponsor: Jason Ware, Stephanie Van Slyke

    Club Overview: 

    The Lambert High School Computer Science Club is a club dedicated towards constantly improving and learning about various computer science topics, such as computer programming, video game design, website design, and more!


    Program Leads will be teaching and preparing members for upcoming regional/state/national competitions throughout the year.


    Basic Level Classes will be taught to immerse members into the programming language or Computer Science related topics.


    An In-Depth Course will be taught for those who decide to continue and plan on competing!


    Some of the courses taught include, but are not limited to: Python, Java, HTML, CSS, Scratch, Video Production, Game Design, Website Development, etc.


    Students interested in more programming competitions can inquire during club meetings about such opportunities.

    The Computer Science Club is a great opportunity to show your programming and computer science skills and represent Lambert High School at various state and nation wide competitions!


    Club Meeting Times:

    Meetings will be held virtually. Links and information will be sent to members in advance before meetings. Club meeting dates will be released shortly after Introductory/Interest Meeting.


    Interest Meeting Date will be posted soon. Check back for updates!


    Club Activities or Events:


    We are currently planning events and competitions to participate in throughout the year! Events and competitions will be posted here as well! Check back for more updates!


    Some planned events so far:

    Hackathons: Students can participate in day-long or half-day programming events, where they pitch an idea and receive assistance on how to develop and make their project a reality.


    Technology Fair: The technology fair is a county-wide and state-wide competition that allows students to participate in various technological events, ranging from 3D animation to project programming. Students, upon winning the county level, can go on to compete at the prestigious Georgia State Technology Fair.


    Club Officers or Members:


    President: Sujoy Chakravarti

    Vice President: Krish Sharma

    Secretary: Varun Sendilraj

    Python Program Lead: Arjun Birthi

    HTML Program Lead: Akshay Raj, Adrian Kalisz

    CSS Program Lead: Akshay Raj

    Scratch Program Lead: Adrian Kalisz




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Last Modified on September 30, 2020