•  Homework Tips

    Homework Tips for Parents:


    • Review assignments and develop a plan of action.
    • Have your child login onto Canvas.
    • Write down your child's login information.
    • Divide homework into segments and set time limits for each segment.
    • Set short term goals for large projects and write it down.
    • Provide a quiet work space.
    • Set a regular “homework time.”
    • Take short breaks between segments.
    • Help with homework, answer questions, and give explanations. Don’t do the homework!
    • Check or review homework with your child.
    • Contact the teacher with questions or problems, or have your child self-advocate.
    • Make Sunday a clean out your binders and backpack night.
    • Store important papers in a file or bin and throw out unwanted ones.
    • Bring your child back to school one afternoon each quarter (or as needed) to clean out their locker.
    • Gradually allow your child to take on more and more responsibility with their work.
    • Keep extra school supplies on hand for those unexpected needs.  (ex.- poster board, paper, pencils, markers, glue, index cards, printer cartridges, copy paper)


Last Modified on August 9, 2023