• FAQs
    What devices can we bring?
    You are invited to bring a privately owned or leased wireless and/or portable electronic hand held device that can be used for word processing, wireless Internet access, image capture and recording, sound recording and informational transmitting, receiving, storing, etc.  Some devices that that have been defined for BYOT include (but are not limited to) laptops, netbooks, Apple iPod Touch, Apple iPad, Tablets, and smart phones.  
    If my child brings in a device, will they be able to get on any website?
    No, the students will connect via BYOT wireless network which has set parameters for content viewed over the Internet.  Permissions are similar to the network limitations set at school.  That being said, some apps may not work while at school on the BYOT network.  Teachers plan to use apps and websites they know will work on our network. The iTunes store is not accessible over the BYOT network, so all apps need to be downloaded at home.
    What are the rules/procedures for traveling with a device on a FCSS school bus?
    Students are to abide by the rules set forth in the School Bus Code of Conduct.
    What is the Responsible Use Policy?

    I will:

    • Use digital devices, networks and software in school for educational purposes and activities.
    • Keep my personal information (including home/mobile phone number, mailing address, and user password) and that of others private.
    • Show respect for myself and others when using technology including social media.
    • Give acknowledgement to others for their ideas and work.
    • Report inappropriate use of technology immediately.

    The Responsible Use Procedure will be reviewed each school year together with students and teachers and will provide a springboard for teaching and learning around topics such as Internet safety, digital citizenship and ethical use of technology.

    Responsible Use Policy