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    6th Grade ELA
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    Learning Goals: 

    All students in grade 6 continue to build their English/Language Arts skills in the areas of reading, writing, speaking, and listening. These abilities are developed within the context of literature units that align with current Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE). In 6th grade, the literature units include Al Capone Does My Shirts and The Lightning Thief. Each novel is supplemented with extended texts including short stories, poetry and non-fiction texts such as news articles and essays. Students practice the conventions of language (grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, etc.) through targeted practice and required writing assignments. Varied writing assignments include narrative writing, argument essays, response to reading, and technical writing. Reading comprehension skills, such as questioning the text and other strategies, are explained and practiced. Students practice speaking and listening skills through formal speeches, conversations, individual and group presentations, and small and large group discussions.   

     6th ELA Standards and Pacing guide:         6th ELA Georgia Standards          Pacing Guide
    Resources:   itsLearning         Online Textbook      USAtestprep