Courses:    6th Grade - Exploring Engineering & Technology

                       7th Grade – Invention & Innovation

                       8th Grade – Technological Systems


    Teacher:  Mr. Dalton Bunn

    Email: dbunn@forsyth.k12.ga.us

    Phone Number: (770) 667-2591 ext.491237


    Course Description:  The Engineering & Technology classes start with an introduction to safety, work ethics, and the universal systems model.  Lab rules, procedures and responsibilities will be discussed.  Students can expect to work in pairs, be guided through the learning process by the teacher, use computers and instruction manuals to research and practice new concepts, and finish with hands-on activities for validation and assessment. 


    The goal of these courses is to provide all students with an introduction to the principles of Engineering & Technology and how they impact the modern world.  These courses are designed for students to utilize the universal systems model including input, process, output and feedback.  Students will examine various systems and gain an understanding of how they work together to form complex products, structures, procedures, and processes. These courses will also help students to use technological systems effectively in their lives, thus providing a foundation for successfully integrating their own interests with potential careers in a technological society.


    The courses reinforce cross-curricular concepts in the areas of math, science, social studies, and language arts through practical application and / or hands-on activities.  Exposure to related careers, work ethics, and leadership skills will be important components in these courses.


    Throughout the course, students will:

    □     examine the nature of engineering and technology and evaluate its impact on society

    □     record observations, designs, and findings in an engineering design notebook (journal)

    □     analyze engineering, manufacturing, and energy systems

    □     examine and research engineering / technology related career fields

    □     compare and contrast inventions and innovations and their impact on society

    □     demonstrate engineering design and problem solving skills

    □     recognize relationships among technologies and assess the impact of integrated systems

    □     develop an understanding of how systems evolve from one stage to another

    □    recognize and be able to forecast trends in the development of technological systems