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    The Accelerated Math program is a rigorous course of study that moves at a rapid pace and incorporates challenging and demanding material.  The students must be proficient with both calculations and problem solving and should be able to work at a brisk pace. The program is designed for students who excel at mathematics, are self-motivated and are interested in pursuing more advanced mathematics classes in high school.


    Accelerated Course (click on link for more information)


    All of 6th grade math and the first half of 7th grade


    The second half of 7th grade math and all of 8th grade math


    9th Grade Algebra 1 and the first half of Geometry (students will take the 9th grade EOC)


    The second half of Geometry and all of Algebra II


    Pre calculus


    AP Calculus OR AP Statistics


    AP Statistics OR Duel Enrollment Calculus

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    Due to the sequential nature of mathematics and the rigor and pace of the program, students must meet certain qualifications in order to be placed in an accelerated math class.


    Rising 6th Grade Students:

    5th grade students who will enrolled at DeSana will first be identified by their 4th grade Georgia Milestones math scores. These students will then be offered the opportunity to take a placement test in the spring of their 5th grade year.  Students that are coming from another school outside Forsyth county can contact DeSana administration to schedule an opportunity to take the placement test in the summer before their 6th grade year.


    Rising 7th and 8th Grade Students:

    Please contact the DeSana administration about scheduling an opportunity to take the placement test.


    Units of Study

    6th Grade

    1.       Integers

    2.       Rational Numbers

    3.       Ratio, Proportion, Percent

    4.       Expressions

    5.       Equations, Direct Variation and Inequalities

    6.       Area and Volume

    7.       Statistics


    7th Grade

    1.       Exponents, Roots, Polynomials and Radicals

    2.       Equations

    3.       Pythagorean Theorem, Area and Volume

    4.       Functions

    5.       Linear Functions and Inequalities

    6.       Linear Systems

    7.       Transformations and Congruence

    8.       Statistics

    9.       Probability


    8th Grade

    1.       Expressions

    2.       Linear Relationships and Functions

    3.       Quadratic Functions

    4.       Exponential Functions

    5.       Comparing Functions

    6.       Statistics

    7.       Transformations

    8.       Congruence and Proof

    9.       Right Triangle Trigonometry



    Shannon Knight
    770-667-2591 Ext. 491603
    Jennifer Kliesch
    770-667-2591 Ext. 491604



    Khan Academy (video lessons and online practice quizzes)
    Kuta Software (practice and answers in PDF form)
    Virtual  (video lessons by topic)