On behalf of all of the advisers (O’Connor, Yonk, King, Beckley), I want to say how proud we are of the achievements of our chapter and members at the 2016-2017 State Leadership Conference.  Our chapter continues to grow and excel, as seen by us bringing home one of the two State Championships that are available within FBLA. 

    State Champions!  Chapter of the Year is the highest award given in FBLA.  It encompasses success in competition at the Region, State, and National level; managing the local chapter; performing Community and School Service; successful fundraising to support charitable giving to March of Dimes, FBLA Foundation, and FBLA Scholarship Fund; overall student membership and membership recruitment and growth; professional division membership; and many other activities.  It is truly an effort of the entire chapter, with special thanks to our student leadership team to make sure all the activities are conducted and documented.  This year’s Chapter of the Year award caps a three-year effort which started with a 10th place finish in our first attempt in 2015, a 2nd place finish last year, and now a State Championship in 2017. 

    The second highest award is the State Sweepstakes, which is based only on the results of the competitive events at SLC.  We have been making steady progress in this area, too, where we finished 4th place in 2015, 3rd place in 2016, and now 2nd place in 2017.  For the first time in many years, the gap between 1st place and 2nd place was only 80 points (where it has usually been 200 points or more). We had lots of 9th, 10th, and 11th grade winners and competitors who we hope will want to come back next year and help us finally dethrone Alpharetta. 

    Another exciting moment for our chapter was the election of our first State Officer – Raymond Qin – who will serve as Vice President, Membership for Georgia FBLA.  Congratulations to Raymond, and to Mrs. Yonk who coached him through the application process and will serve as his “State Officer Adviser” during his term. 

    Of course, none of these chapter achievements could be reached without the individual successes of our members.  Of our 391 members, 165 of them competed in one or more events at SLC – that’s a 42% participation rate!  Those 165 competitors filled 252 event entries from a total of 510 event entries available to us.  So, for those of you who didn’t compete this year, you can see there will be plenty of opportunity next year. 

    Of those 165 competitors, nearly 100 of them finished in the Top 10, and we had 42 members who earned qualification to FBLA National Leadership Conference, with 5 of those qualifying in 2 events (they will have to pick just 1 for NLC).  Thirteen other members finished in 5th through 7th place and stand a good chance of getting an NLC invitation if other winners choose not to attend.  This is not a problem for Georgia at NLC, since Georgia is so competitive, a 7th place finisher in Georgia is usually better than a 1st place finisher from most other states.  Here is a list of all the South members who finished in the Top 10 at SLC.  Names in bold have qualified to attend NLC.  We had individual event State Champions in 5 different events.


    Agribusiness: Shubbam Tiwari – 5th; Aryan Battula – 8th

    American Enterprise Project: Pravalika Irukula, Rohan Gupta – 2nd

    Banking & Financial Systems: Varshaa Dande, Manish Varaganti, Vaiishnavi Selvamuthukumaran – 8th

    Business Calculations: Max Tang – 9th

    Business Ethics: Anjali Atluru, Azima Mohamed, Arjun Karanam – 1st

    Business Financial Plan: Pratik Nallamotu, Charan Senthil Kumar, Rithvik Sarasani – 3rd

    Business Plan: Akul Chopra, Andrew Guest, Neha Matavalam – 6th

                              Manas Chakka, Karan Jacob – 9th

                              Sebastian Bower, Tara Keho, Rachel Hanlon – 10th

    Coding & Programming: Ausaf Ahmed – 2nd; Harsha Tambareni – 3rd

    Computer Game & Simulation Programming: Keenan Kessler, Kewal Kalsi – 4th

    Computer Problem Solving: Abrar Ahmed – 2nd, Harris Rothaermel – 7th, Connor Clemente – 10th

    Cyber Security: Ausuf Ahmed – 4th, Yoon Lee – 5th

    Database Design & Applications: Emile Marty – 4th

    E-business: Sameer Annavarapu, Saaketh Bukka, Harshith Gutha – 2nd

    Economics: Atman Patel – 1st, Akshara Punyarthi – 8th

    Electronic Career Portfolio: Vishali Prabhu – 5th, Camryn Klaus – 7th

    Emerging Business Issues: Om Purohit, Omkar Waingankar, Mayank Dhakal – 9th

    Entrepreneurship – Team: Harris Rothaermel, Sri Duvvuri, Harish Kamath – 3rd

                                                    Anuraag Agarwal, Shalin Bhandari, Sebastian Bower – 6th

    Entrepreneurship – Individual: Harris Rothaermel, Sebastian Bower

    FBLA Principles & Procedures: Harshith Gutha – 9th

    Global Business – Team: Rohan Rege, Om Purohit, Vinay Balamourougan – 3rd

                                                Adam Chau, Sivamalai Chandrasekar, Abhay Chilakamarri – 4th

                                                Rithvik Sarasani, Sahithi Bodireddy – 9th

    Global Business – Individual: Adam Chau, Abhay Chilakamarri

    Healthcare Administration: Aditya Bhave – 4th

    Help Desk: Anjali Atluru – 6th

    Hospitality Management – Team: Tara Kehoe, Rachel Hanlon, Neha Matavalam – 3rd

    Hospitality Management – Individual: Tara Kehoe, Neha Matavalam

    Insurance & Risk Management: Michael George – 6th

    Intro to Business: Shaun Jacob – 5th

    Intro to Business Procedures: Hailey Akins – 1st, Claire Deng – 3rd, Meher Ambati – 6th

    Intro to Financial Math: Raymond Qin – 4th

    Intro to Information Technology: Harsha Tambareni – 4th, Luc Barenghien – 6th, Antony Mathew – 9th

    Intro to Parliamentary Procedures: Rithwik Guntaka – 2nd

    Job Interview: Praneet Kedari – 8th

    Local Chapter Annual Business Report: chapter entry – 4th

    Management Information Systems: Manas Chakka, Atman Patel, Harish Kamath – 1st

    Mobile Application Development: Arjun Karanam -  5th

    Networking Concepts: Abrar Ahmed – 5th, Rachel Long – 7th

    Organizational Leadership: Amrutha Kotlure – 7th

    Parliamentary Procedures: Anish Bikmal, Keerthana Mohan, Omkar Waingankar, Abhinav Sehgal, Aditya Bhave – 1st

    Partnership with Business Project: Vishali Prabhu, Pravalika Irukulla, Sindhu Sagi – 4th

    Personal Finance: Michael George -  6th, Ben Dame – 8th

    Public Service Announcement: Diego Rivadeneira, Abhinav Sehgal, Ben Dame – 7th

    Public Speaking II: Sneha Nagarajan – 5th

    Publication Design: Easha Tadvai, Isha Naidu, Divya Bhakta – 4th

    Sales Presentation: Theja Chennubhotla – 9th

    Sports & Entertainment Management – Team:  Keshav Jayagopi, Abhishek Mattipalli, Revanth Tiruveedhi – 2nd

                                                                                         Rahul Nalaval, Sarthak Gore – 8th

    Spreadsheet Applications: Andrew Guest – 3rd, Nithya Rajanal – 9th

    Website Design: Amrutha Kotlure, Walker Frederick, Sneha Nagarajan – 8th