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  • On 7 February, 2019, the MCJROTC underwent the Inspector General's Inspection. Lieutenant Colonel Carruth, the Region 4 Director, accompanied by local Marine Corps Recruiters, inspceted the battalion's organization, drill techniques, uniformity, and general knowledge of the Marine Corps. The Inspector General's inspection takes place every 3 years. The purpose of the inspection is to ensure the program is meeting its acadedmic and logistic obligations, also to correct errors. The Battalion's performance during this event also helps to establish North Forsyth's National Naval Honor School title. 

Participating Cadets
Two cadets directing traffic


  • On November 2nd and 3rd our Raider team attended the National All-Service Raider competition in Molena, Georgia to compete against other JROTC teams from around the US. They competed in many different events testing speed, endurance, strength, and teamwork. In the end their work throughout the year paid off as the female team took 1st in the nation, while the male and mixed teams both took 5th overall.


Marching On
First Sergeant Obtaining the Report


  • NFHS requested that the MCJROTC program perform a presentation of the colors on 10 November at an event to teach children about the meaning of Veterans day.

Moving Color Guard
Standing Color Guard


Battalion Post-Mess Night
  • On Tuesday, 9 April, 2019, North Forsyth High School’s MCJROTC program held their annual Mess Night. Due to unfavorable weather it was moved into the classroom, however, the event is typically held in the area of the obstacle course behind the track. The purpose of a mess night is to reflect upon and celebrate the accomplishments of the program throughout the year, it is also a time to look back at the fun times and mistakes made and have a good laugh. The Mess Night consists of lighthearted competition in the form of a watermelon eating competition and other activities as well as finishing it with a ceremonial toast to the program, the Marine Corps, and the instructors out of respect.

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