Three Step Plan for Student Management

  • Remind your children that you expect them to be "Safe, Orderly And Respectful!" These are behaviors that you expect of them in your personal vehicle and these behaviors will help them to develop "riding habits" that will be expected of them as they get older and ride on transit buses, trains, planes or in the personal vehicles of others. 
    We will reinforce (and model) these expectations regularly on the bus and work through the Three Step Plan To Manage Student Behavior to help your student develop these behaviors and habits. Our plan includes prevention (1) and intervention (2) steps that are used by the driver to help our students develop appropriate behaviors and habits. If needed, the driver may call you to ask for your help with changing inappropriate behaviors or habits that your child may have exhibited. We will also do our best to address concerns you may have for your child. The third step of the plan includes consequences (3), administered by school staff when your child's behavior fails to meet the Safe, Orderly And respectful Expectations we hold or when a single action is sufficiently serious to merit immediate action. 

    Nearly 45,000 students will begin and/or end school every day by stepping up to the "safest form of school transportation" available; the yellow school bus! That means for nearly two thirds of Forsyth County Schools’ children, "the door to the schoolhouse is yellow!" It is a huge responsibility that we undertake every school day and ee are committed to providing "Safe, Orderly And Respectful" transportation services to your student!


    We invite you to become our partners as we "protect students, support quality learning and improve the community." Help us by modeling and reinforcing the behaviors and habits that we all value!