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     GHP Coordinator
     Catherine Keyser  
     770.887.2461 ext. 202235  

     Governor's Honors Program

    The Governor's Honors Program is a residential summer program for gifted and talented high school students who will be rising juniors and seniors during the program.  The program offers instruction that is significantly different from the typical high school classroom and is designed to provide students with academic, cultural, and social enrichment necessary to become the next generation of global critical thinkers, innovators, and leaders. 

    GHP is held in mid-summer (mid-June to mid-July) as a premier residential educational expereince at Berry College in Rome, GA.  Students attend classes in the mornings and afternoons in specific areas of study, and they participate in a wide variety of instructional, leadership, and social opportunities every evening.  (GOSA, 2018)


    FCS students interested in being nominated for a particular area of study should contact their school's GHP Coordinator.  


    Home school students interested in the GHP program should contact the FCS GHP Coordinator, Catherine Keyser, for more details on the application process.  The GHP Nomination Process begins in September of the 2020-21 School Year.  The deadline for home school student information is November 1, 2021


    Congratulations to our Finalists who were chosen to attend GHP this summer at Berry College!  


     P. Menon             Agricultural Research, Biotechnology, and Science

    R. Bohn               Communicative Arts

    I. Eby                  Communicative Arts

    S. Linton              Communicative Arts

    S. Pinnamareddy   Communicative Arts

    P. Verma             Communicative Arts

    B. Willis              Dance

    E. Ferber            Engineering

    A. Jadhav           Engineering

    N. Bolakond        Math

    S. Geddam         Math

    D. Shen             Math

    N. Bazemore     Music

    S. Feng             Music

    E. Gran             Music

    M. Kim             Music

    E. Magill           Music

    O. Malone         Music

    R. O'Leary        Music

    J. Ramu           Music

    B. Chisam        Science

    A. Dendukuri    Science

    S. Ghanta        Science

    J. Lin               Science

    P. Mendoza      Science

    J. Scharff        Science

    C. Andrews     Social Studies

    B. Hempker    Social Studies

    G. Tian           Social Studies

    C. Kesserwani     Theatre

    M. Unger       Theatre

    E. Griffith      Visual Arts

    I. Kim           Visual Arts

    A. Kumar      Visual Arts

    H. Ma           Visual Arts

    E. Kim         World Languages