• Midway Leaders must be in fourth or fifth grade. Midway Leaders are selected based on application information, input from teachers, administrators, and staff. Consideration is based on previous student interest, academic achievement, commitment, sense of responsibility, attitude toward others, and written answers on the application. In most cases, students who are dedicated to their work will be dedicated to Midway Leader responsibilities. 

    Being a Midway Leader is a BIG responsibility. It is an honor and a privilege. A Midway Leader must display leadership qualities and be responsible.

    To be a Midway Leader a student must:

    •             Be a responsible 4th or 5th grader

    •             Have a courteous and helpful attitude

    •             Maintain passing grades in all subject areas

    •             Maintain satisfactory in all areas of behavior on your report card

    •             Be a good role model with a desire to serve the school

    •             Embrace our Mission statement: We, the Midway Leaders will Protect, Respect, and Lead Others!

    The primary goals of a Midway Leader are:

    1.            To help protect students while on school property.

    2.            To help students to develop sound habits while on the school property.

    3.            To foster qualities of leadership and good citizenship in Midway Leaders.

    4.            To be a good role model for all students and embrace the Leader in Me habits.

    5.            To encourage students to observe safety rules at all times.

    6.            To know and enforce “fairly” all rules and regulations.