FCS Pathway Medallions

  • FCS Pathway Medallion/State Seal Guidelines Chart

    What Students Receive:

    Local Medallion= Students receive a medallion to wear at graduation. Students may only wear one medallion at graduation. If students are elligible to receive more than 1 medallion, they will receive a pin.

    GA DOE State Diploma Seal (for Fine Arts, CTAE, and World Language Pathways only)= Students receive a seal to put on their diploma.

    Seals, Pins, and Medallions will be distributed at the Senior Class Meeting in May.





    Class of 2022: If you believe you meet all requirements, please complete the application link by April 29th, 2022. This application is only for Advanced Academic, World Language, and Fine Arts Medallions. CTAE Medallions and Seals are tracked by CTAE Pathway teachers, so please direct any questions about CTAE qualifications to them. 


    CTAE Pathway Verification is being completed by pathway teachers. Please contact them directly if you have any questions.



Last Modified on March 9, 2022