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  • Core Values and Beliefs

    Forsyth County Schools’ Technology Department is committed to providing teachers, students, and staff with the most effective technology possible. To achieve that, WE BELIEVE:


    • Technology is integral to the instructional process, and the Technology Department exists to facilitate that process.

    • Technology in schools increases student productivity in and outside the classroom, encourages individual leadership in learning, expands access to learning resources, and helps develop digital citizenship within a structured environment.

    • Forsyth County Schools has earned a reputation for being a leader in technology, which can only continue through exceptional service, forward thinking, and by building a strong relationship with stakeholders.

    • Technology should enrich the instructional environment to the benefit of all involved.

    • Innovation and collaboration are more important to success than regulation.

    • Having passionate, well-informed employees, who understand the challenges and goals of providing a superior technology experience to our staff, students, and parents, is crucial.

    • Excellence is the standard by which we measure our work and ourselves.

    • Our Core Values and Beliefs provide a solid foundation for everything we do.

    • Clarity of purpose comes from the emphasis placed on these values, and our customers. Employees, parents, students, and business partners always know where we stand and what we stand for.

    • Meeting the needs of our stakeholders is our guiding principle.


    FCS Technology…Exceptional Service, Innovation, and Excellence