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  • Forsyth County Schools Technology Services sees leadership as one of the most important roles we have within our department. We strive to create an environment where all members of our team see themselves as leaders. Some are leaders over a specific area and many over a specific project, but everyone has the potential to lead something or someone. This is an important aspect for us because we think growing leaders expands the capabilities of the entire department, as well as the individual. A common theme throughout our department is finding something you are passionate about and finding ways to lead in that area.

    Below is a list of key leaders in specific areas of the department. Please feel free to contact these people for questions, comments, or concerns.


    Mike Evans
    Chief Technology and Information Officer 


    Tim Fleming
    Director of Technology Services 


    Curt Godwin
    Network Operations Coordinator 


    Todd Small
    Technology Services Manager 


    Keith Whitten
    Project Manager 


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