• psat

  • Wednesday, October 13, 2021

  • SFHS is happy to provide an opportunity for students to prepare for the SAT through administration of the PSAT.

Info for Testers

  • The schedule for the week of October 11-15th will be as follows:

    Monday- Even Block Day

    Tuesday- Odd Block Day

    Wednesday- PSAT Testing- Asynchronous Online Learning Day for all non-testers

    Thursday- Odd Block Day

    Friday- Even Block Day


    October 13, 2021 is the PSAT Day.  Please see details below about the logistics of this testing day:

    The following students are registered to take the PSAT exam (Registration is now CLOSED):

    • 10th Grade students who attend classes in the building and are scheduled in an Instructional Flex class
    • Part-time and Full Time Virtual 10th-grade students who registered by emailing Mr. Morlanne or Mrs. Hewitt
    • 9th/11th Grade students who registered via Total Registration


    For those who are registered to take the PSAT, make sure to be at school by 8:15 am and go straight to your testing location (room assignments will be posted in the SFHS Student Body Group in ITSLearning by October 11, 2021).  FVA students who drive can park in the main parking lot.

    • Students should be told to leave their backpacks at home.  They are responsible for bringing their own calculator – scientific is best, but most graphing calculators can be used.  The complete list of acceptable calculators is in the PSAT Student Guide on page 34.  Students should also bring several no.2 pencils.
    • Students may bring a snack and drink for the breaks.     


    For students taking the PSAT- it is an ASYNCHRONOUS online learning day.  They should check ITSLearning to see content posted but there will not be any assignments due.  Due dates for students in FVA classes might differ, since FVA classes are asynchronous already.


    With parent/guardian permission, students taking the PSAT may leave school upon completion of the PSAT (approximately 12:30 pm).  Please fill this form out before Friday, October 8, 2021.  The link to fill out for consent is linked here: PSAT PERMISSION FORM


    FVA students will be required to leave campus once their testing session is complete


    Buses will run normal times/routes for students mentioned above

    Breakfast/Lunch will be served


    If you have any questions about the logistics of PSAT Day, please contact Scott Morlanne at pmorlanne@forsyth.k12.ga.us 



Info for Non-Testers

  • Any student in any grade who is not registered to take the PSAT exam: October 13 is an Asynchronous Online Learning Day.  You are NOT REQUIRED to come to school. Students are responsible for viewing the content in all 7 of their class periods that are posted in your itsLearning classes for this day.  

    • Students who attend self-contained classes should attend school that day, as normal.
    • Students who cannot stay home due to family and/or technology circumstances will have online learning facilitated in a common learning area, NOT their regular classrooms during the testing session.  Please report to the War Eagle Dining Hall at 8:25 am and we will assign them to a classroom during the testing session.  After the testing session ends, all students will report to their IF class for the remainder of the day.  We will offer 3 passing periods where they can visit their teachers to ask questions about their asynchronous review lessons.