• music heals
     Club Sponsor: Mrs. Julie Rosseter

    Club Overview: Music Heals allows students who sing or play an instrument to perform at nursing homes and elementary schools.  Share your talents and perform for an appreciative audience. There is no fee or application associated with membership - all are welcome!  


    Club Activities or Events: Performances are twice a month, and events are posted in the Music Heals GroupMe. Contact any of the officers, or send an email to jrosseter@forsyth.k12.ga.us to be added to our GroupMe.  Follow us on Instagram @Lambertmusicheals to keep up with our events.  









    Skyler entertains the crowd at Antebellum on Saturday Sept. 16
     Skyler performs a moving rendition of "Flashlight"
    Isabella introduces the Music Heals group
    Kate and Isabella
    Kate and Isabella perform a duet for the appreciative residents
    Carly performs a stirring version of "Jolene"
    Tiff and Jazz
    Tiffany and Jasmine earn smiles and applause
Last Modified on March 14, 2022