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    Information for Judges

    Please read carefully through the information below to familiarize yourself with the rules and procedures of the Tech Competition. Even if you have judged before, it is important for you to review these pages to brush up on any new rules or procedures for this year.

    When and where? The 2020 Technology Fair will be held at Whitlow Elementary School in Cumming, Georgia on Saturday, January 25. Breakfast and lunch are provided by the Tech Competition.


    • 7:30 Judge Checkin and Breakfast
    • 8:15 Mandatory judge orientation meeting
    • 9:00 Judging begins

    Checkin: You will choose your category and grade level when you check in. Assignments are first come/first served. Several years ago, we assigned judge slots ahead of time, but every year we have judges who confirm and then don't show up. To prevent open judge slots, we adopted the onsite assignment method now used. At this time, you will receive your list of judging assignments for the day. You should peruse the Categories page and look at the Rubric Guidelines found there to familiarize yourself with the descriptions and assessment guidelines for each category.

    Judging: Promptly at 9:00 AM, judging starts. You have a strict 15 minute window to judge a project. A new judging slot opens every 15 minutes. After an hour or so, you will receive a 20 minute break for refreshments, restroom break, regrouping, etc. Then, at around two and a half hours, lunch break. Judging may continue after lunch until around 2:00 PM.

    Finish time: Your last judge slot is determined by the number of projects that your judge team will judge. Some teams are finished around lunch time and others have a full schedule, usually around 2:00, but should not be later.

    How to judge projects: You and any other judges that you will be working with will receive all materials that you will need to complete your judging assignment. You will have information on each project, a rubric guideline sheet for each project on which to keep notes, and a student feedback sheet. You will keep all assessment materials until you have seen ALL projects in a grade/category. After seeing all projects in a given grade/category group, you and any other judge on your team will rank the first, second, and third place projects according to your interview and project assessment.

    Results: As you complete the judging and ranking of a grade/category, you will submit your first, second, and third place results on the Results Form to the Results Manager in the Judge's Room. Ties are NOT allowed, so you must rank the top three projects separately. The manager will go over your results with you and any members of your team to check for discrepancies or problems with the results. Once cleared from the Results area, you will continue on to judge your next grade/category or be checked out upon completion of all judging assignments.