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    Club Sponsors: Mrs. Laura Halter & Mrs. Julie Noles
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    Club Overview: 

    What is Girl Up?

    Girl Up Clubs offer a great opportunity to come together to learn about world issues, take action and build leadership skills. Activities throughout the year at Lambert High School are designed to spread awareness about the issues faced by girls all around the world. We believe in girl power!!

    Mission Statement- "Girl Up ignites the empowerment of girls, by girls around the world. In partnership with the United Nations, we stand up for girls, speak up for programs that help them thrive, and rise up as a community of advocates out to change the world."                                         

    2019-2020 Lambert Girl Up Executive Board

    Poorvaja Rao Joganpalli

    Simrit Shawla

    Noor Khan

    Sravya Paspunoori

    Vaishnavi Pulla   


    Questions about Girl up?
    Email:  lambertgirlup@gmail.com
    Club Meetings:  Room 2814                                                                                                                  

     7:45 a.m. on a rotating schedule monthly.   Please follow @lambert_girlup on Instagram, listen for morning announcements, or see a club adviser for dates!  

    Club Activities or Events: 
    Homecoming pomp board
    Bathroom decorating
    Community awareness projects
    Possible 5K fun run 
Last Modified on August 28, 2019