Personal Safety Parent Letter

    Tips for Safeguarding Your Children


    Beginning in January, your child’s School Counselors will be presenting a child abuse prevention program,Think First, Stay Safe, to all students. This personal safety program is provided to students in grades K-5 in all Forsyth County Elementary Schools. As parents and educators, we want to do our part to help ensure that our children grow up healthy, happy and safe. Our goal is to give students at VCES the knowledge and skills to help them recognize personal safety risks and to speak up about inappropriate and unsafe behaviors.

    • Assure children their body belongs to them, and review the 5 body safety rules.
    • Emphasizing every child's right to live free of abuse
    • Promoting healthy social relationships
    • Nurturing mutual kindness and respect
    • Setting personal and digital boundaries
    • Teaching age-appropriate Child Lures and practicing proven prevention strategies
    • Identifying trusted adults
    • To establish an understanding that most people are kind, safe individuals who want to help keep kids healthy and safe.


    You can click below to view the slides that counselors use to guide their personal safety lessons:

    Grades K-2 

    Grade 3

    Grade 4

     Grade 5