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    New to WFHS?? Welcome to the #FAMILY!

    If you are a new student enrolling at West Forsyth High School, please set up a registration appointment at the Hill Center. https://www.forsyth.k12.ga.us/Page/46421


    If you have already enrolled at the Hill Center for the 2020-2021 school year, please reach out to our registrar, Ms. Claire Upchurch, to schedule a phone conference with a counselor to get your student's schedule setup. 



    2020-2021 Registration Timeline
    Believe it or not, it's already time to start planning for next school year!
    Please see the list of important dates and deadlines below. More information will be release as we get closer to March.

    March 4- Portal Opens @ 8:00am

    This is when students will be able to make selections for their elective choices. REMEMBER TO PICK YOUR 3 ALTERNATES!


    March 11- Portal Closes @ 4:00pm

    ALL elective selections must be entered into the Portal by 4:00pm on this day!


    March 16- Waiver Form is posted/available on WFHS website

    Your student's 2019-2020 teachers have now recommendations for 2020-2021 academic courses. If you/your student wishes to waive into a higher or lower level version of the course that was recommended, you will need to complete this waiver form for consideration. The requests will be reviewed by the department heads and decisions will be made.

    Please note: not every course waiver request will be approved



    March 23- Waivers close/are no longer available for submission online


    April 15, 16, 17Final course request verification

    On these three days, the portal will be open for VIEWING ONLY to review course requests that have been made and to see if any requested waivers were approved (if applicable).


    Important Registration Links
    ~RISING 9th grade narrated PowerPoint presentation- Click here
    This presentation will give an overview of graduation requirements, Pathway information, directions for Parent Portal, upcoming deadlines, and more!
    Previewing this video prior to the Freshman Festival is recommended
    ~Course options for RISING 10th thru 12th gradersClick here 
    ~Instructions for Portal Registration- Click here
    ~Step by Step narrated video for registration- Click here
    ~WFHS Course Waiver Form- CLOSED
    *NOTE: Waiver form link will only be available from March 16 at 8:00am to March 23 at 4:00pm*
    ~IE2 Contract (Seniors ONLY)- Click here
     This form MUST be completed and returned to the counseling office for ANY senior wishing to take advantage of the IE2 priviledge

    (SUMMER 2020, FALL 2020, SPRING 2021)
    **PLEASE NOTE: Forsyth Virtual Academy is the PREFERED platform for online course completion**

    Fall/Spring 2020-2021 Registration (Forsyth Virtual Academy)

    Full-time deadline to register is July 31, 2020

    Discuss your desire to take a virtual course with your counselor- you will need their approval before completing the application.

    Access the Virtual Registration Portal  and choose the course(s) you would like to take virtually.

    If approved, the student's request is moved to the registration queue and the student will be entered into the appropriate virtual course. 

    Important Information (FAQs) about FVA ’20-’21


    Fall/Spring 2020-2021 Registration (GAVS)

    Deadline to register is July 31, 2020

    Discuss your desire to take a virtual course with your counselor - you will need their approval before completing the application.

    Complete the Forsyth County Online Course Application using the new Virtual Registration Portal (the form is also available in ClassLink)

    Your parent/guardian will receive an email notification of your GAVS request.  They do not need to respond to the email - it is just sent as confirmation of your request. 

    Go to https://gavs.gavirtualschool.org/GAVSRegWeb/ , create an account, and add the requested course to your backpack.

    A = 1st semester course

    AB = yearlong course

    B = 2nd semester course

    Once your request has been approved by your counselor and the county office, the WFHS GAVS facilitator will approve the course on the GAVS website.  

    Please be sure to complete the orientation course by the deadline. 






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