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  • Scheduling Seminar


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    Junior Status Meetings: Presentation

    Jr Status Meetings

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    Junior Classroom Guidance

    Jr Classroom Guidance

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    11th Grade Status Meetings

    11th grade status

    Denmark High School’s counseling staff will be starting Junior Status meetings next month (November). These meetings will cover college search/applications, financial aid, HOPE/Zell scholarships, graduation checks, and transcripts. We will start in group presentation and break-out into small groups for questions and answers. They will be held in the DHS Café at times based on alpha-from last names. A Spanish translator will be available for the 10:15 session on Nov. 29th.

     Schedule below:


    Last Names A – Cap

                    Nov. 7th – 9:00


    Last Names Car – Do

                    Nov. 7th – 10:15


    Last Names Dug – G

                    Nov. 8th – 9:00


    Last Names H – Kes

                    Nov. 8th – 10:15


    Last Names Kh – Mc

                    Nov. 28th – 9:00


    Last Names Me – Ras

                    Nov. 28th – 10:15


    Last Names Rat – St

                    Nov. 29th – 9:00


    Last Names Su – Z

                    Nov. 29th – 10:15



    jr jrouney

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