• At Denmark, we strive to provide a safe and secure environment our students and staff.  Forsyth County Schools and Denmark High School have many practices and procedures in place to help safeguard our students and staff.  Detailed safety plans for all kinds of emergencies are carefully planned, written, and put in place, and will be practiced with our staff and students. 

    DHS will have a School Resource Officer who is on campus each day. Denmark will also have a “buzz in” system at our front desk where visitors must be buzzed in to enter the building. Visitors must also provide a driver’s license and wear a visitor badge while on campus.

    Our staff will provide diligent supervision of our students while they are on campus each day. We will have ongoing conversations with our students regarding safety throughout the year. Our students will be encouraged to let an adult know immediately if they see or hear something that could jeopardize their safety. Any information of this nature that is shared with an administrator or counselor or teacher is held in the strictest confidence.

    Forsyth County Schools along with the Forsyth County Sherrif's Office have an anonymous hotline that you can call, text or access online to report crime. Use the link below to access the hotline information:

    Help Stop Crime!

    stop crime