• Optional Summer Math Review

    Congratulations on being a part of the Math program at Otwell Middle School!

    We will be learning many new concepts throughout each school year.  In order to be successful in this program, you must be prepared for class each day by completing ALL assignments and studying each night.  You will be required to think, apply, and utilize your problem solving skills.  Throughout the school year, it is our hope that you will not only learn some of the major concepts of Mathematics, but that you will also become more independent in your learning and will be able to tackle difficult problems with logical problem solving skills.  These are the skills that will be necessary for success in further courses. 

    Since it would be in your best interest to review some mathematics this summer in preparation for this coming school year, we’re providing you review problems for you to complete.  The attached summer reviews represent topics in math that you will be using regularly.   All topics and concepts in the summer packet are prerequisite knowledge and were taught in previous math classes.  Keep the math concepts fresh in your brain all summer by completing these problems throughout the summer! 

    ***For all review problems, make sure you are completing your work in a neat and organized manner:  Do NOT use a calculator.***

    1) Show all work on notebook paper.

    2) Label each section and number each problem.

    3) Circle your final answers.

    We hope you have a great summer and look forward to an exciting school year with you!

    For additional resources and reference websites please see "student resources" link.


Last Modified on July 19, 2019