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    College Application Resources


    College Application Resources

    Please click on the link above to view a page with college application resources!


    Senior Brag Sheet

    Please complete the Senior Brag Sheet to assist your Counselor and teachers with your recommendation letters and Secondary School Reports.

    Senior Brag Sheet



    Graduation Information:

    Graduation Ceremony Information: Class of 2021

    2021 Graduation Requirements

    LHS Career Tech Pathway Charts

    Class of 2021 Graduation and Senior Events Information


    GAfutures Documents:

    HOPE Program Brochure

    Paying For College Brochure

    Dual Enrollment Brochure Flyer

    Student Access Loan Flyer

    Service Cancelable Loan

    College Prep Checklist - 11th Grade Checklist

    College Prep Checklist - 12th Grade Checklist

    FAFSA Checklist

    After The FAFSA


    Transcript Requests

    Current students must create an account and submit transcript requests on the following link: Please utilize the Parchment website for ALL transcript requests.


    Former students must submit transcript requests on the following link:


    Important Reminder: Counselors will NOT begin processing transcripts until Sept. 15th. There is a 3-week turnaround time for transcript/recommendation requests. Counselors and Teachers are not required to complete a recommendation by the deadline if the requests are turned in late. If required materials are not turned in by the Transcript and Letter of Rec deadline, processing of the application may be delayed.

    College Application Deadline

    Request Letter of Rec By:

    October 15th

    September 24th

    November 1st

    October 11th

    December 1st

    November 10th

    December 31st - January 1st

    November 10th

    February 1st

    January 11th

    March 1st

    February 8th


    SAT/ACT Information

    Applerouth has created a new Junior Jumpstart Guide: Your quick and easy onramp to testing savvy and success. Learn about the key differences between the SAT and ACT and testing timelines so you can build your own prep plan.

    To download a free copy of the Junior Jumpstart Guide, or any of Applerouth's free resources (SAT vs. ACT Guide, College Admissions Testing Guide, SAT Subject Test Guide, Understanding Your PSAT Scores) please visit: Applerouth's Top 5 Resources

     Spring Classes:

    Lambert is offering SAT/ACT prep classes in the Spring Semester of 2020 through Applerouth Tutoring at Lambert. Visit the Applerouth flyer link to view registration information and dates: Applerouth Spring 2020 Tutoring Flyer

     Mock SAT/ACT Exams:

    Lambert is offering SAT/ACT Mock Exams through Applerouth Tutoring at Lambert. Visit the Applerouth flyer link to view registration information and dates: Applerouth Mock Exams Flyer



    GPA Calculator


    This calculator is a tool to help you estimate your grade point average. Click on the link below to access the calculator and follow the direction at the top of the spreadsheet.  Please note that colleges and HOPE utilize different forms of GPA calculations. Please contact individual colleges and/or for college and HOPE GPA formulas.


    GPA Calculator


    College Visits

    We know that many parents and students are interested in visiting colleges on their own. Juniors are given four days which count as field trips to make these school visits throughout the year. Juniors must print out the College Visit Form and get the required signatures from their teachers, counselor, and principal before they go on the trip in order for it to count as an excused absence. They must also get a signature from someone at the college during the visit and turn the completed form into the Lambert attendance office when they return. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact your child's counselor.



    NCAA Eligibility

    In order to participate in college athletics and receive athletically based financial aid, you must register with the NCAA Eligibility Center and meet academic and amateurism eligibility standards. In order to register with the eligibility center, you must have a valid U.S. Social Security Number and pay a $60 eligibility center fee. Please visit the NCAA Eligibility website for more information. 

    Below is a list of steps to take during your senior year to make sure you are eligible to participate in college athletics.

    • When taking the ACT or SAT, request test scores to be sent to the eligibility center (the code is " 9999 ").
    • Complete amateurism questionnaire and sign the final authorization signature on-line on or after April 1 if you are expecting to enroll in college in the fall semester. (If you are expecting to enroll for spring semester, sign the final authorization signature on or after October 1 of the year prior to enrollment.)
    • Send a final transcript with proof of graduation to the eligibility center.


    Career Pathway Completer Seal and Medallion Requirements


    Lambert High School offers many Career Pathways to its student body. In order to receive recognition for completion of these at Graduation and/or on a diploma, certain requirements must be met. There are three levels of recognition:

    • First level is a seal of Completion that goes on the diploma
    • Second level is a seal of distinction that goes on the diploma
    • Third level is a medallion that the student wears for the graduation ceremony

    Each level has more requirements than the previous. In the areas where there is a state mandated End of Pathway Assessment (taken in the spring of the third course), students will be required to take the assessment for completion.

    To view the Pathway Completer Seal and Medallion Requirements please click on the link below:

    Pathway Completer Seal and Medallion Requirements



    HOPE/Zell Miller Scholarship

    All relevant information for the Hope/Zell Miller Scholarship is being posted on the on the gafutures website.

    HOPE/Zell Miller Flyer


    Dual Enrollment/Dual Credit Programs

    Due to recent legislation, House Bill 186 requires that all 8th through 11th grade students and their parents receive information regarding Dual Enrollment/Dual Credit programs. Please click on the link below to find out more information about the programs.


    2018-19 Dual Enrollment Presentation

     FY2020 Student Participation Agreement

    Dual Enrollment Failing Grade Agreement

    Dual Enrollment Flyer

    Dual Enrollment/Dual Credit Programs


    EOC Course Test-Out Opportunity

    Due to recent legislation by the State Board of Education, students now have the option to test-out of EOC courses. We strongly encourage you to consult with your student's counselor prior to enrolling in the course for this option.


    Follow the Lambert Counseling Department for important articles,

    college admissions advice and study tips!


Last Modified on April 19, 2021