• Academic Assistance


    Lunch and Learn - 

    Lunch and Learn is scheduled as one period EVERY DAY for EVERY student! This opportunity allows students to eat lunch, seek academic assistance from teachers in the Media Center, and catch up on assignments and class work as needed. 

     LASSO - 

    LASSO, Lambert Assists Students Seeing Opportunities, is an environment that helps our students get caught up on work and complete missed assessments. LASSO is available on Saturdays from 9 AM-12 Noon throughout the school year. Dates are published on the school calendar and will be announced on the school website. Students must let teachers know if they plan on being at LASSO in order for their assignments to be available. 

    Teacher –

    Every teacher has posted on their dashboard in ITSLearning their office hours.  Discuss with them the help you need and plan a time to work with them.


    Helpful Websites

    Forsyth County Library www.forsythpl.org and click tutor.com then log in with Forsyth County Public Library card account.  If you do not have an account, you can register for one.


    Ten Strategies for Stress and Anxiety Reduction

    1. Keep an open line of communication – Stress and anxiety can increase very quickly. The increase can cause more severe symptoms or problems. Keep an open line of communication with a trusted adult so that when the symptoms increase you already have a relationship with a helper.
    2. Learn coping skills and healthy ways to lower stress – Coping skills need to be learned, practiced and applied. In doing so, the severity, duration and impact can be minimized.
    3. Relaxation techniques – Evidence exists that breathing, and movement can reduce the symptoms of stress and anxiety. These are best learned and practiced when stress and anxiety is low.
    4. Eating healthy – Many doctors and studies have discovered clear links between diet and mental health. In the case of stress and anxiety, there are definitely foods too avoid – high sugar items, caffeine, etc. While many “super foods” have been shown to have stress and anxiety reducing properties.
    5. Encouraging more sleep – Sleep is your body’s way to re-set and recharge. Most teens require at least 8-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep per night. Studies have shown that a lack of sleep can increase the negative impact of stress and anxiety.
    6. Focus on fewer activities – It is important to avoid “over programming”. Determine which items are essential, which items are important, and which items can be done in an off-season or later.
    7. Exercise – Teens who have too much “screen time” and/or are sitting too much have an increased chance to develop stress and anxiety. Movement and physical activity have a positive impact on stress levels.
    8. Music – Listening to music has been shown to reduce stress and help with relaxation. Of course, it is important to find music with the right amount of beats per minute, lyrics, etc.
    9. Laughter – As funny as this may sound, laughter is one of the natural ways the body uses to reduce stress. It also stimulates many organs and parts of the body. Others have shown a positive health benefit to just smiling often.
    10. Talk to someone – A positive option is finding someone to talk to about your stress and anxiety. This can be a teacher, counselor or mental health professional. Based on the severity, the mental health professional is likely to be a good choice. They can help you to process what is going on, teach specific relaxation strategies, and help you to plan for the present and future.

    Remember, the mental health professionals only goal is to help you to be better tomorrow than you are today.


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Last Modified on March 13, 2022