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    Be sure to browse this entire page. Links for course options and other information can be found to the right, registration seminars for each grade-level are below, and at the bottom you can find an outline of upcoming registration events.

  • **Deadline to request a virtual course for the 22/23 school year is July 11**



    If there is an error found in a student's schedule, please complete the Schedule Correction Form that will open July 26th at 8:00 am. Schedule correction requests should only be submitted for one of the following reasons:


    • Student has already earned credit in the course.
      · Student has not met the course prerequisites.
      · A course is listed twice in a student's schedule.
      · A student has a period in their schedule with no assigned course or FVA/DE/GAVS/IE2 placeholder. 
      · A senior needs a specific class to graduate.
    • A student needs a course to complete a pathway (schedule will be changed if there is space in the requested class).


    The link to the Schedule Correction Request Form will also be posted on the DHS website and in the DHS Student Course in itsLearning. We will be processing course requests in the order that they are received through the form.  DO NOT email you individual counselor or administrator with schedule change requests as this causes further delay for all students.  Please remember that we do not change schedules to accommodate teacher preferences. The deadline to submit schedule correction requests is August 12th at 4pm.  When a schedule correction request is denied,  a counselor will contact the student and/or parent directly.


    Dual Enrollment

    If you are taking a Dual Enrollment course, it is imperative that you provide your counselor with a copy of your college schedule immediately.  We will do our best to schedule your Dual Enrollment and DHS courses without any conflicts.  Please note DHS courses and availability will take priority as our focus is meeting state graduation requirements.


    Dane Time

    Dane Time will be replacing tutorial this year on student’s even school days. Students will have 2, 40 minute sessions on these days to participate in tailored lessons, move to other teachers rooms to remediate work, participate in study sessions, and/or wellness activities. We will be sharing more information about Dane Time soon!



    If you are scheduled in an IE2 period (only juniors/seniors on track for graduation), please note that you MUST leave campus during the scheduled period.  You cannot stay in the building unattended in common areas.  We will remove IE2 if you are unable to arrange transportation to come in late or leave daily. You must also complete the 2022-2023 IE2 Contract if you have not already done so.  If you do not complete turn this form in to the counseling office by August 8th at 4:00 pm, IE2 will be removed from your schedule, and you will be scheduled in face-to-face classes.


    Virtual Courses

    As a reminder, students taking a GAVS, FVA or Dual Enrollment courses are required to be off campus during their assigned period.  These classes will be scheduled at the beginning or end of the day. The only exception to students being allowed to remain on campus during their virtual period is if a student is taking a virtual course that is NOT offered face to face at Denmark (ex. Intro to Healthcare, American Sign Language, Japanese, Latin, etc.). Students taking a course virtually because it is not available face to face will be scheduled into a virtual 1st or 7th period. If you completed a GAVS course over the summer, please sign and date a printed copy of your GAVS transcript and send it to our registrar, Mrs. Santiago at ssantiago@forsyth.k12.ga.us. If your summer course is a prerequisite for the course you wish to take in the fall, the course must be posted to the transcript in order for you to remain in the next course in sequence.



    1. Fall 2022/Spring 2023 registration will open on March 30. The FCS Online Application (https://fcsapps.forsyth.k12.ga.us/FAApplication/OnlineApplication.aspx) is ready for Fall 2022/Spring 2023. The online application process is as follows
      1. Student completes the application.
      2. Parents receives an email to approve the student application.
      3. Once the parent approves, the application is then visible in the FCS Online Application platform for the counselor to approve.
      4. Counselor approves application. You are then clear to approve the application on the GAVS platform.
    2. Student creates an account on the GAVS platform: https://gavs.geniussis.com/
      1. Student requests the course(s) they would like to take.
      2. *GAVS courses are semester classes. Please sign up for the A section in the Fall and B section in the Spring if taking a yearlong course.


    Click here for the full course catalog



    Please read below for important registration information for the 2022-2023 school year:


    Requesting Electives:

    The elective portal is now open for students to request their elective courses for next school year. The portal will remain open until 4pm on February 23rd. Parent Portal Instructions for Adding Courses


    Courses available:

    9th Grade Course Offerings

    10th – 12th Grade Academic Courses

    Fine Art Electives

    CTAE Pathway Electives

    General Electives


    Courses with Applications (application can be found below)

    AP Capstone



    Office Aide

    IE2 (free period for Seniors on track for graduation)

    Internship Forsyth

    Library Science Assistant


    Virtual Classes:

    Students that want to request a virtual course through Forsyth Virtual and/or Georgia Virtual will also need to complete the course waiver. (Ex.: Add FVA American Lit. and drop American Lit.)



    Click HERE





    ⇒Frequently Asked Questions regarding 9th Grade Course Registration can be found HERE


    ⇒Online registration information for Georgia Virtual School and Forsyth Virtual School for the Summer and Fall/Spring can be found HERE 


    registration events  


    Virtual Requests for 2022/2023 School Year: Steps


    Students interested in taking a virtual course through Forsyth Virtual (FVA) or Georgia Virtual (GAVS) as part of their 7-period DHS schedule for the 2022-2023 school year must complete the DHS Hybrid Request form via the link below. This form should only be completed if you are seeking an online course(s) during your school day in conjunction with face-to-face courses. You MAY NOT request a fully virtual schedule. This form is only to be used to request individual classes for part-time virtual registration only. Complete the form even if you submitted a request during the waiver process. The waiver window is now closed, so virtual requests are only for courses that have been approved for your 22-23 schedule. If you are unsure of your courses for 22-23, they will be available as view only in Parent Portal from 3/29-4/1. Additionally, due to limited space and constraints with staffing (we must have a teacher to supervise virtual students), we’ve updated our guidelines for virtual students.


    For the 22-23 school year:

    • Students taking a virtual course that is offered face to face at DHS are required to be off campus during that virtual period. If a student does not have transportation to and from school during their virtual period, they will be moved back into the classroom to take the course face to face.
    • Virtual courses will be scheduled at the beginning or end of a student’s day to mitigate transportation issues. For example, if a student is taking three virtual courses, those courses will be scheduled 1st-3rd periods or 5th-7th periods.
    • The only exception to students being allowed to remain on campus during their virtual period is if a student is taking a virtual course that is NOT offered face to face at Denmark (ex. Intro to Healthcare, American Sign Language, Japanese, Latin, etc.). Students taking a course virtually because it is not available face to face will be scheduled into a virtual 1st or 7th period.


    Please complete the request link below when you are certain about taking a course(s) online because changes will not be permitted, as staffing decisions are being made based on responses. Students are encouraged to take all virtual courses through Forsyth Virtual. GAVS should only be used if a course is not available through FVA.


    FVA Courses Offered 22-23

    GAVS Courses Offered Fall 2022   

    GAVS Courses Offered Spring 2023

    **Georgia Virtual (GAVS)  Fall/Spring registration opens on March 30th (GAVS summer registration opens on March 15th).


    DHS Hybrid Request Form  











  • Forsyth County Schools does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, age, disability, or gender in employment decisions or educational programs and activities.