• Important Clinic Guidelines to Remember 


    Regarding Illness:

    Forsyth County adheres to the CDC’s criteria of a fever as 100 degrees orally.

    If your child is sent home with a fever, vomiting or diarrhea, they CANNOT return to school until symptoms have stopped (without medication) for 24 hours.

    If your child is prescribed antibiotics, they must take them for 24 hours before returning to school.

    Regarding Medications:

    • Children CANNOT bring medications to school, parents/guardians must bring medications directly to the clinic! This applies to ALL prescription medication AND cough drops, lozenges, lotions. At this time our policy DOES NOT allow any essential oils to be applied at school.
    • The clinic DOES NOT stock medications.
      • For example, we do not stock Tylenol to be administered for a student that has a headache.
    • Medications to be given at school must be in the original container-NO loose pills. (Asking the pharmacist for 2 labels is helpful)
    • Medication must have a time of administration to be given at school
      • Correct: 1 tablet at 8 AM
      • Not Correct: 1 tablet in AM
    • Medication to be given longer then 2 weeks must have a doctor’s note
    • Children under 12 CANNOT be given adult medications without a doctor’s note
      • *even if they meet the weight criteria
    • Students CANNOT be given medication that contains Aspirin at school due to the risk of Reyes Syndrome
    • Because of the possibility of an allergic reaction, sunscreen is treated as a medication and parents need to sign a request for administration (available at the clinic).

    In order to provide the safest environment for your children, it is important for the clinic to be informed of your child’s health conditions (even if they do not require medications in school) and be provided with emergency medications if applicable (example allergy, asthma or seizure medications) that are NOT EXPIRED.