Is Your Child Too Sick For School?


    If your child has any of the following symptoms/problems, please keep your child home. This is for their safety (it keeps them from catching something else and can help the illness pass sooner) and the safety of other students and staff. Midway appreciates your cooperation.

    • The main reasons for keeping your child home are:

      • If he/she is too sick to be comfortable at school
      • If he/she will spread a contagious illness/disease to another child


    • A child should stay at home:

      • If the fever is greater that 100 degrees F.
      • If vomiting and /or diarrhea has occurred within the last 24 hours.

      A child is not to return to school until fever free, diarrhea, and/or vomiting has stopped for a full 24 hours without medication.

      • If a child has a frequent, persistent cough.
      • If a child has a persistent pain (stomach, ear, etc.)
      • If Strep Throat Infection or Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye) has been diagnosed by a physician with antibiotics ordered – child must remain out of school for 24 hours after antibiotics have been started.
      • If influenza, strep infection, communicable childhood disease , illness or organism has been medially diagnosed by a physician, please alert Nurse Keri.