Registration: If I want to do IB, how do I "apply"?

  • Registration for IB Diploma and Career-Program candidates for the 2019-2020 School Year:


    Registration will begin in February.  Rising-Juniors (current 10th graders) interested in the IB Diploma need to meet with Mr. Denney sometime in February to discuss a two year plan for the IB Diploma.  Rising-Juniors (current 10th graders) interested in the IB Career-related Program need to meet with Ms. Graham BEFORE they are given recommendations by their teachers.  This will be typically during the first or second week of February (dates to be determined) and before they complete their elective Registration online.  This meeting serves two purposes: (1st) counseling on planning the students IB schedule to set-up a Two-Year Plan for the program they are choosing to join, and (2nd) to get their name on the approved list of IB students planning to complete one of the two programs at South High.  Lastly, this meeting is to make sure they are meeting all the requirements of the appropriate program AND their high school graduation requirements. 


    To note: there is NO "Application" or "Exam" required for entry into either IB Program at South High.


    Steps in the Registration process for IB students are as follows:


    Step 1: (dates TBD)

    Meet with Mr. Denney for DP or Ms. Graham for CP and create a Two-Year Plan for IBDP or IBCP; obtain the appropriate "IB Intent to Participate Form" from them (also linked below).


    Step 2: (dates TBD)

    Download a copy of the appropriate Program's "INTENT form" below.  Then, meet with your current teachers to obtain Recommendations and get the Intent form signed by them; note that if they will not recommend you for the course you want, you may still obtain and complete a waiver online.  These INTENT FORMs are due sometime in late February (dates TBD).


    Step 3: (dates TBD)

    Register for Elective Courses online and complete parent waivers for classes you were not recommended for


    NOTE: IB INTENT FORMS will be DUE in late February of 2020 (date to be determined).

  • Approximate Registration Timeline 2018-19 School Year

    NOTE: This is subject to change....

    Feb 4th - 8th = Teacher Recommendations

    Feb 22nd = IB Intent to Participate Forms due

    Feb 27th = Portal opens for Elective Registration

    March 6th = SFHS IB and AP Online Q & A Sessions

    March 6th = Portal closes for Elective Registration

    March 6th - 11th = Online Waiver period

    March 26th - 28th = View Only Schedules!