• IB Summer Assignments

    New for Summer 2022:  summer assignments for Literature were posted to the GroupMe and have been updated in the IB Literature HL Year 1 and Year 2 courses.  Any assignments designed for summer completion will be considered teacher suggestions and will be optional for students.  Completed assignments will not be considered for a grade.  However, Forsyth County Schools believes in the value of effective written feedback designed to promote student growth and increased achievement.  Therefore, while completed assignments will not receive a numerical grade, students can expect to receive written commentary from their teachers.

    Make sure you contact your teacher (see below, their email contact is in the staff directory) for a list of recommended readings over the summer of 2023 and are ready when you return to school in August.

    IB English Literature HL Year One (Juniors)
    Ms. Wendy Burkus
    IB English Literature HL Year Two (Seniors)
    Ms. Stacy Bagwell
    IB 20th Century History SL & HL (Seniors Only)
    1. Recommend the novella Heart of Darkness as a summer read.  We will study this book concurrently with IB English Lit in August.