Art Club

Art Club

  • ART CLUB & NAHS Meet together on Wednesdays during Wellness sometimes RT

    Art Club is a student run club. It is for anyone interested in art who wants to work on fun, small art projects in and around school. We offer a space for students to work on their art regardless of prior skill or experience. Members can interact with each other to further foster their interest in art. Art Club is for students who don't meet the requirements for NAHS but are interested in visual arts may join the NFHS art studio club any year, 9th-12th. Art club will work on the same projects as NAHS and attend the same meetings. You do not have to earn service hours in Art Club.  

    Art Club Guidelines

    We meet on Wednesdays during school. 

    More detailed schedules are provided at meetings.

    Bring your $40 fee